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Attending a Summer Intensive We’ve created a Summer Intensive packing list so that you can be prepared and comfortable during your time away from home. Your regular dance bag- Of course it should contain everything that you regularly use before and during class. Also pack extra dancewear, snacks, water bottle, and a sweat towel with you. Pointe shoes (if already en pointe)- It's better to be prepared and have extra pairs. Be sure to rotate them to let them rest and re-harden between wearings. Pointe shoe accessories- toe pads, pointe shoe drying inserts, stitch kit, extra ribbon and elastic and any other accessories you may need. Other dance shoes- jazz, soft ballet shoes, character, lyrical shoes, dance socks, etc.. Leotards- Take at least one per day of class per week and one extra. Check with your program to see if certain colors or styles are required. Bring your favorites that make you feel confident! Tights- Lots! Make sure your tights comply with the program's dress code (for ladies, usually pink; for men, black).   Warm-ups- Plan on taking one of each type (legwarmers, shrugs, shorts, pants, unitards). Skirts- This also depends on your preference and what the program allows. We recommend packing at least three.#nikolay #nikolayworld #balletlife #balletdancer #dancebag #dancer #loveballet #summerintensive #ballerina #worldwideballet

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